Private boat rental Amsterdam

Saloon boat Jonckvrouw

Jonckvrouw former
Havenbeheer 1928

Unique boat with a rich history

Private boat rental Amsterdam

History Saloon boat Jonckvrouw

Jonckvrouw former
Havenbeheer 1928

Unique boat with a rich history

Saloon boat Jonckvrouw

The jewel among the boats

This saloon boat built in 1928 was owned by the Port of Amsterdam, Dutch government.

Prominent figures such as presidents, mayors and royal families enjoyed the boat from 1928 to 2015.

The reason there are few photos and documents is because the cruises with special guests took place in secret.

Timeline, 1928 - 2015

February 1928

Blueprint of the management ship by the municipality of Amsterdam, department of commercial institutions.

Normal speed 16 km/h, length ≈ 13 meters, width mainframe ≈ 2.80 meters.


The first picture of the boat in 1928 on the Amstel. The captain stayed outside while the guests sat inside.

September 1933

Blueprint of the management ship, design change. The wheelhouse is now covered.


To prevent seizure, the boat was hidden in a boathouse at the Enterpotdok next to Artis during the Second World War.
Boathouse behind this bridge.

November 30th, 1945

Cruise through the canal with Sir Ernest Oppenheimer, a diamond and gold mining entrepreneur, banker and philanthropist who was in control of the diamond mining company De Beers.

Sir Ernest Oppenheimer on board Jonckvrouw

September 1948

The resignation of Queen Wilhelmina and inauguration queen Juliana. The princesses enjoyed a cruise through the canals.
At the bottom right Princess Beatrix, later queen, and mother King Willem-Alexander.

1949/ 1950

Because there was no official car, the CEO of Port of Amsterdam regularly sailed to Schiphol, the Airport then belonged to the Port of Amsterdam.
The port management newspaper from 1983

August 21, 1951

The general of Cairo District Egypt wanted to buy the boat for 19,000 Dutch guilders (today € 95,000). The boat was in poor condition, according to a letter from the Finance Authority.

March 1, 1961

Gijsbert van Hall*, mayor of Amsterdam and Dutch resistance fighter WWII assists the mayor of Brussels, L. Cooremans.
*In 2018, the film The Resistance Banker about Gijsbert was launched.

September 30, 1963

During the Cold War, Ivan Ivanovitch Tugarin of the Soviet Union Foreign Office and later Soviet ambassador enjoyed a canal cruise with his wife, guarded by police boats.

October 31, 1968

At the end of the 40s, the boat underwent some major renovations, such as round windows next to the cabin. This last blueprint contains all the improvements that have remained unchanged to this day.

April 18, 1980

For the 3rd time the boat had to go to the yard for major maintenance. The yard carried out this project for 185,000 guilders, now about 240,000 euros, even for major maintenance a lot of money.

October 1981

De Jonckvrouw starred in a 1981 Dutch film entitled Hoge Hakken, Echte Liefde.

On the outer deck is the well-known Dutch actor Rijk de Gooyer.

December 22, 1988

The municipality of Amsterdam has indicated that a new boat is needed because the maintenance costs of 33,600 guilders per year, today 40,000 euros for this management boat were far too high.

1989/ 1990

Cruises made with this boat in 1989/ 1990 a.o. President of Greece, Ambassador of Switzerland, President of Portugal, American Film Crew, Berlin Government, President of Finland, U.S. Consulate

April 3, 1992

Ed van Thijn, mayor of Amsterdam (1983-1994) celebrated his marriage to Odette with a canal cruise.

The mayor used the boat so often that she was nicknamed “Burgemeestersboot”


Port of Amsterdam presented their new boat. A Foundation, part of the municipality of Amsterdam, took over the old boat and renamed the boat. An agreement states that the old boat must remain available for special guests.

August 22, 2015

A secret cruise guarded by police boats with King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima ion the saloon, and Princess Amalia on the afterdeck.
We have a guestbook with a thank you from King Willem-Alexander.

Police security saloon boat Jonckvrouw